HIGHLANDVILLE, Mo. – A settlement has been reached in the $63 million lawsuit filed by the owners of a 72,000-square-foot home in southern Christian County against two construction crews accused of not fulfilling terms of contracts for supplies in the building’s construction.

Stephen T. Huff Family LLC had sued the Monarch Cement Company and City Wide Construction Products, claiming they had not included agreed-upon amounts of a reinforcing material in the concrete made for the building dubbed Pensmore.

The family behind construction of the multi-million dollar mansion had billed it as indestructible and tornado-proof thanks to the addition of a steel fiber material combined with a concrete compound used in the walls and floors to make the mansion sturdy enough to withstand an EF5 tornado.

In a complaint filed last year, a whistleblower and employee claimed the crews left out more than 70,000 pounds of the steel fiber called Helix and that omission undercut the disaster-proof nature of the structure.

An attorney representing the owner of Pensmore said these two construction crews tarnished the idea behind the mansion. He said the home was to serve as a model for other buildings since it was supposed to be created to withstand tornados, earthquakes and bomb blasts.

The building crews’ attorney said earlier that they planned to defend their reputation against the allegations through a trial if necessary, but online court records show the case was removed from today’s docket after the settlement was agreed upon on July 21. Terms of the settlement were not released.

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