SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — A second person involved in an incident involving guns being fired next to Glendale High School has been charged.

Gary Dewayne McElroy, 21, of Springfield, is charged with four felonies:

  • Two counts of armed criminal action.
  • First-degree assault.
  • Unlawful use of a weapon.

Another person involved in this case — Keyshawn Antwan McElroy, 20, of Republic — faces the same charges.

The charges come from a Jan. 28 incident in which police responded to reports of gunshots in front of Glendale High School around 6:45 p.m. during a speech and debate tournament.

According to court documents, when officers arrived, they found a tactical gun light and 23 shell casings between Ingram Mill and Liden Avenue on Sunset Street. In the same area, they found Keyshawn’s social security card and his driver’s license. Keyshawn was arrested a few days after the incident.

Parked in the Glendale High School parking lot was a black Pontiac G6 with bullet holes on the exterior and $6,200 in fake $100 bills. No one was inside.

The court documents say that shortly after, a person walked into Mercy Hospital with a gunshot wound in his arm. He said he had been walking around the area and his girlfriend had picked him up in her Honda CR-V. The police searched the Honda and found $1,000 in counterfeit $100 bills, meth, a gallon bag of marijuana and a backpack holding a loaded AR-15 and 26 rounds of ammunition.

A second person called the police and said she was driving the Pontiac found at Glendale. She said she gave the person from the hospital a ride to do what she assumed would be a drug deal, as he was a narcotics user. When they arrived at an apartment complex on Ingram Mill Road, a man approached their vehicle from a “shiny blue car.” The person she gave a ride to counted out money and gave it to the man, who then threw a backpack into the back seat.

After she left, the shiny blue car “came racing up behind them.” She turned onto Sunset Street, where the blue car tried to cut her off, instead hitting the passenger side. Both cars stopped and the passengers of the blue car got out of their vehicle. When she tried to turn around, they opened fire on her vehicle. Her vehicle got three flat tires in the process, so she parked at Glendale and both of them began to run.

The person from the hospital said in an interview on Feb. 3 that he had arranged to purchase a Glock handgun or AR-15 rifle from a person named “El Chopo.” He said he was afraid he would get robbed during the meetup, so he decided to use fake bills.

Police used a search warrant to reveal that “El Chopo” was Gary McElroy. A “chop” is slang for “rifle.”

Gary McElroy had a warrant issued for his arrest at the time of this writing but had not been booked into the Greene County Jail. He is to be held without bond.

OzarksFirst will update this article as more information is released.