BRANSON, Mo. — Silver Dollar City announced a new addition to the theme park to help guests who may get overstimulated.

The new space is called a “Calming Space” which is a room filled with soothing colors, soft furniture, and a textured wall. It’s a space for families to get away from all the sights and sounds of the theme park.

Jennifer Murray is the organizer for the room and is also a parent herself. She said the room is a game changer for parents who have kids with sensory processing disorders. Murray said the simple room can mean the difference between having a long day of fun and having to cut a trip short.

“I have a 21-year-old son who has autism and then I have two other children,” said Murray. “But you know we always had to have an exit strategy. To be able to have a space like this would have been so incredible to be able to go and take him and let him just kind of calm down and get away from it all.”

The room was made through a partnership with Mercy Hospital.