SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — School-Bus-Homes is hitting the road this week, and they made a special stop in Springfield.

The mobile micro-home concept enables a modern lifestyle and encourages people to dream big.

The concept called “recess” is a decommissioned yellow school bus, converted into a microhome on wheels.

This concept has an array of modern amenities, including a composting toilet, steam shower, and washer and dryer.

The company’s founder says, the definition of success is completing something.

He is proud of this concept.

Graeme Cohen, owner of the company, says, “dream big, don’t limit yourself and just do it. ya know, take the step and do it. it’s unlimited. the goal is to sell these buses as converted microhomes and give everybody the dream that i’m experiencing right now.”

The bus is traveling from Los Angeles to Pittsburgh.