Scam Caller Posing as Ozark Police Officer Demands Gift Cards From Victim

OZARK, Mo. -- A Ozark resident notified the Ozark Police Department of a scam call which appeared to come from the police department.

The victim told Ozark police that the caller ID displayed that the call was coming from the Ozark Police Department, according to the department in a Facebook post.

The individual behind the scam call posed as an Ozark police officer. The scammer claimed that the victim was in debt to the IRS and would be required to pay it off with Best Buy gift cards or the "officer" would arrest the victim.

The Ozark Police Department confirmed that the scam call did not come from the police department, but that the phone number was "spoofed," according to the post.

The department included in the post as a reminder that "the Ozark Police Department will NEVER request any type of payment for anything over the telephone."

Here's the police department's full post:

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