Ruby's Market Opens at Old Dillon's Location in SGF

SPRINGFIELD, Mo.-- What was once Dillon's on E. Sunshine, now goes by a different name: Ruby's market And along with that new name, there comes a new shopping experience.

"It has a natural whole foods type feel,” one shopper said.

"It reminds me of... can I say it, Trader Joes," another shopper added.

That modern health food chain feel is exactly what Erik Taylor was going for.

Taylor is the CEO of Pyramid foods, the company that owns both Ruby's and the more commonly known Price Cutter Chain.

"More of our customers are buying healthy products,” says Taylor.

He says while the inside is specifically designed to seem like a major national health food chain the mission is a local one.

Shopper Anne Mauldin says that mission is best expressed through the stores product offerings.

"They have local products. They have a tag that says 'Local Product' it's always good to make that distinction," says Mauldin.

But maybe one of the biggest community boosts the new store provides are the more than 100 jobs it says it brings to Springfield.

But out of all the benefits, healthier habits are Taylor's Priority.

"I really hope we grow the market of a healthier lifestyle. That's number one,” Taylor says.

Of course most of the people we spoke to don't seem to have a favorite aspect of the store.

They're just glad it's finally here.

"I have a friend who lives just down the road,” Mauldin said. “She used to walk her kid here everyday when it was Dillon's. And she told me 'I'm going to be here at 6 in the morning."

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