Rolls Royce, MGB Donated to Habitat For Humanity

SPRINGFIELD -- Springfield's Habitat for Humanity received a unique donation - something the organization has never received before. 

 A 1977  MGB and a 1980 Rolls Royce Silver Shadow II. 

An anonymous donor dropped them off and the highest bidder of a silent auction will get to pick them up. And for Habitat, the part is the funds raised can help build houses for families in need," 

"Nothing like a good ol' hand wax to bring the paint out," said Leroy Crawford, who spent more than five hours outside in 87-degree weather, working on the cars. He's putting in work to make sure this chocolate brown Rolls Royce shines .

A homeowner through Habitat for Humanity himself for two years, this is one way he is giving back. 

"Sweat hours," he says. 

He's a car detailer, so he knew he'd be called in for the job when the cars rolled into restore's parking lot.

"It was definitely different," said Brandy VanAntwerp, development director for Habitat for Humanity. 'We see a lot of wonderful, great, quality cars that come through, but nothing quite so luxurious as a Rolls Royce." 

A local man's brother passed away in Illinois and left him with the two vehicles. The anonymous donor decided to do good with the gift by giving it away. Now, it's up for grabs for the highest bidder. 

"We hope someone might come in and really make a miracle for us," said VanAntwerp. "What if someone bid enough that we can build one house with the amount that the Rolls Royce brings in? That's a goal. That's a dream." 

The Rolls Royce still needs some work before it can hit the road, but this MGB is ready for its new owner.  

"It's got a little over 77,000  miles on it, pretty good for its age," said  ReStore Manager Matt Haggard, who took it for a ride in the parking lot. 

It took a couple tries before the car started, but it did. Someone will soon be driving it home, but before they do, Crawford can say he got to work on the MGB and on the Rolls Royce. 

"I've never waxed a Rolls Royce before," he said. 

A part for the Rolls Royce is expected to arrive later this week and hopefully, the car will be running and ready for bidding. 

The starting bid for that is $12,900. The MGB is for sale now starting at $7,900.

The top three bidders will get a chance to test drive the cars and inspect them. Those interested in bidding, have to do so in person at the ReStore location on Scenic Avenue until June 15. 

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