CHRISTIAN COUNTY, Mo. — A Rogersville man is charged with child molestation after the victim told authorities about an incident multiple times in the past 13 years.

Frank William Hamilton, 52, of Rogersville, is facing two felonies: first-degree statutory sodomy with a person under 12 and first-degree child molestation.

According to court documents, Hamilton allegedly committed the crime in November of 2010. The victim was given a forensic interview at the Child Advocacy Center in Springfield three days after the incident, but the investigation did not result in an arrest or charge.

In July 2020, the victim gave a second interview with a Christian County detective, giving a consistent account of what happened over 10 years prior.

In August 2020, a witness was interviewed. The witness said that before the investigation, they spoke to Hamilton, who told them that he had touched the victim and remarked “I haven’t put it in yet.”

On February 17, 2023, another Christian County detective was assigned to an investigation “stemming from a past crime of child molestation.”

The victim stated that while they were playing on a computer after the victim’s mother had gone Christmas shopping, Hamilton sexually assaulted them.

According to court documents written by the detective, Hamilton “has a propensity to commit the crime for which he is sought. Specifically, information relating to a course of conduct of a sexual nature involving other victims under eighteen years of age with relevant evidence of prior criminal acts.”

Hamilton has been investigated for sexual misconduct in Republic that resulted in a conviction, according to court documents.

Hamilton was taken to the Christian County Jail on a $5,000 bond but has since been bailed out. As of the time of this writing, he has not been scheduled for his next court appearance.