Ribbon Cutting gets Re-Do to Include People of Color

ST. LOUIS, Mo. -- A second ribbon cutting ceremony was held today at the Arch Museum in St. Louis.

State Representative Bruce Franks organized the re-do after he noticed no people of color were present at the first ribbon cutting on Tuesday.

So today, he was there along with representatives from the black, Hispanic and Bosnian communities.

Franks says the arch is in his district, but he wasn't invited to the first event.

Cardinal legend Ozzie Smith was there and Congressman Lacy Clay Jr. was invited but couldn't attend.

"When you've got a city that's majority minority, ...right or 50-50, however you want to call it, we have to represent that in every matter," Franks said.

The Gateway Arch Park Foundation posted an apology on its Facebook page acknowledging that this event last week did not reflect the diversity of the community.  

The group also apologized at today's ceremony.

The 630-foot tall arch is a monument to westward expansion that sits along the Mississippi River in Downtown St. Louis.

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