Restoration of Statue on State Capitol Building

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. - For the first time in nearly a century, this bronze statue on top of the Missouri State Capitol will be taken down for restoration.

The statue is of the Roman Goddess of Grain, known as Ceres from whom we get the word "cereal."  

Since 1924, she's been perched 260 feet above the ground on a capstone atop the Missouri Capitol Dome.

She was hoisted from the ground in three pieces, using cables and pullies.  Workers will use a massive crane to bring her back down.  

Workers on the scaffolding surrounding Ceres say she is in remarkably good shape.  However, despite rehab work in the 1930's and 1990's, the concrete capstone beneath her is badly eroded and will be replaced.  

Once on the ground, the statue will get loaded on a flatbed truck in the media parking lot of High Street and shipped to Chicago for reconditioning.  

Officials say there will be time on the ground to give the public an opportunity for an up-close look and picture-taking.

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