SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — Many restaurants are having to turn customers away due to capacity restrictions, others are having to take a different approach.

The owners of B-29 Cafe in Ozark say they were expecting customers to come back in full force when the stay at home order was lifted.

“Last week, every lunch we had was not busy at all,” said Chastity Koppen, owner of Cafe B-29. “We had a full staff on ready to go. We thought we would have a lot more business and just didn’t.”

When that didn’t happen, they had to re-evaluate what they can do to stay open and keep workers employed.

“How to keep the doors open, how to keep food costs down even though food costs are on the rise without jacking up food costs on the menu so much that the Average Joe can afford it anymore,” said Koppen.

B-29 is now closed on Monday indefinitely. A day that used to be the owners’ busiest day back in March.

Metropolitan Grill in Springfield is also changing the way it operates, but rather to ensure it isn’t overwhelmed with customers.

Patrick Duran, who owns Metropolitan Grill, Great American Taco Company, and Hard Knox Barbeque, says his restaurants have delayed opening to ensure staff are comfortable and safe enough to return to work.

Duran says Metropolitan Grill is reopening Monday, May 11th, but with lots of changes.

The restaurants will take customers by reservation only, and will be required to fill out an online questionnaire before being able to dine-in.

“They shouldn’t have to really go on-air and publicly announce that I’ve had somebody who’s tested positive that was in the restaurant,” said Duran. “They will already have everybody’s information that was in here on that day.”

Duran is also requiring staff to check their temperatures and has installed plastic dividers at the bar and other areas for more separation.