SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — Three people were injured after a woman hit them with a car outside of the Dungeons of Doom parking lot.

According to a probable cause statement from the Greene County Sheriff’s Office, Kayla Zehner, 31, has been charged with multiple accounts of second-degree assault, second-degree armed criminal action, 4th-degree assault, operating a vehicle without a valid license and a DWI.

On Oct. 13, at 11:30 p.m., deputies responded to a call at the Dungeons of Doom, a haunted house attraction on 701 W. Wall Street about a car parked in an unauthorized area. When the deputy asked the driver, later identified as Levi Fisher, Fisher began shoving him. While Fisher resisted the deputy’s attempts to place him in handcuffs, Zehner, who was in the vehicle, moved from the passenger side to the driver’s seat.

After Fisher was handcuffed, the deputy approached Zehner in the car, holding on to her and the driver’s door frame. She put the car in gear and accelerated in reverse, dragging the deputy underneath the vehicle. Fisher was also hit and dragged underneath the vehicle. A Dungeons of Doom employee was also hit while attempting to assist the deputy. He managed to move partially out of the way of the vehicle.

According to the probable cause statement, backup deputies managed to arrest Zehner. She was reported to show numerous signs of impairment, including bloodshot, watery eyes, a strong odor of intoxicants and sharp, jittery movements.

She admitted to deputies she did take drugs a few days prior to the incident and did not have a driver’s license, only a permit. She denied ever leaving her seat or driving and said that if she was found guilty of injuring a deputy she would send a “twenty-five cent card” to them.

Zehner provided a PBT sample three hours after the incident that showed her blood alcohol content as 0.137%

The deputy was treated for a possible broken right femur, an injury to his right ankle, and multiple scrapes and bruises.

Fisher was taken to a hospital with multiple scrapes and lacerations to his head and a broken jaw. After medical clearance, he was booked in at the Greene County Jail.

The Dungeons of Doom employee refused medical attention.