Man Convicted of Attempted Statutory Rape Could be Released after 4 Months

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. -- A Republic man was sentenced this past Friday, June 29, to four years in the Missouri Department of Correction for attempted statutory rape.

Christopher Muller, 25, is eligible to be released from prison and put on probation after serving only four months because of a program called the Sex Offender Assessment Unit. However, Muller must complete this program in its 120-day entirety to be released early. The court sentenced him to that program.

According to a press release by the Greene County Prosecuting Attorney, Muller said, " I feel like I was used as a ride.  My kindness was taken advantage of.  I had no intentions of touching the girl.  I didn't know who she was until this day."

In the press release, it included the three witness statements:

"At trial, the three witnesses, Kohler, Armstrong, and Stapp, testified that they were walking the Greenway Trails on the evening of July 2, 2015, when they heard a woman screaming.  The three men followed the sounds of the scream and located the defendant and the victim in a secluded area off to the side of the trail.  All three witnesses testified that the defendant was mounted on top of the victim, the defendant was wearing only his boxers, the defendant was holding the victim's arms down, and the victim was crying.  At trial, Kohler specifically testified that what he saw was 'not consensual' and that is why he and his friends acted immediately.  Kohler tackled the defendant off the victim and physically restrained the defendant on the ground.  Kohler further testified that he had to strike the defendant several times and physically pin the defendant to the ground because the defendant kept trying to get away.  Armstrong called 911, found the defendant's identification, and assisted Kohler with detaining the defendant.  Stapp went to help the victim and attempted to keep her calm and conscious until help arrived.  Shortly after the three witnesses intervened, the victim lapsed into unconsciousness and was taken to the hospital where she was placed in a medically induced coma due to a drug overdose.  Prior to July 2, 2015, none of the three young men knew either the victim or the defendant and, yet, all intervened to stop the sexual assault."

Muller said he was framed for the attempted sexual assault.

Muller will have to register as a sex offender.

At the time of this offense, Muller was on felony probation for four counts of forgery. He has also been convicted of stealing, property damage, driving while intoxicated, possession of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia.

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