SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — Throughout the month of March, we will show you the finalists for KOLR10’s Remarkable Women award.

Today, we introduce you to Nancy Bogart, a Nixa mom and entrepreneur, whose small business making products that smell good and feel good, has grown into a mission to do good.

Nancy Bogart’s four children, all in their twenties, work at her personal-care products business.

“I am sealing but also labeling these little oatmeal milk and honey little foaming hand soaps,” Annya says.

This operation started in Bogart’s kitchen 23 years ago.

“These were all country bunny ladies – oh my gosh look at that hair,” Nancy said.

Jordan Essentials was then Country Bunny. She developed her own soap bar.

“And I sold out again and again.”

Her products became popular in the region and have since expanded with consultants across the country. 

But perhaps the most remarkable part of the business is how Jordan Essentials’ mission has shifted.

“As our kids grew and I knew Annya had a hard time finding a job or you know people in her community were having trouble finding jobs. And knew we could make a difference in a different way,” Nancy said.

The Bogarts adopted Annya from Siberia when she was four.

“I want her to be included in our community. Some people don’t know how to talk to somebody who has a different ability or a speech impediment or something. But if they worked with them, we wouldn’t have this problem in our society at work,” Nancy said.

With just over 30 employees, about 25% of them have different abilities.

Nancy’s husband, Ronald, nominated her for Remarkable Women of the Ozarks.

“She is a light in a world that is becoming a little darker all the time. Nancy is willing to sacrifice to a certain degree production profitability, to do something that’s intrinsically good for the community,” Ronald said.

With a business model to do good, some would say she’s done that where it matters most.

“I love how she can inspire people; she inspired me to be who I am today. My mom is the best person ever,” Annya said. 

Every Wednesday this month, we’ll show you a finalist and the winner will be announced on March 29.