BOONE COUNTY, Ark. — In the tiny town of Lead Hill, Arkansas, the Heavenly Beauty Salon is nestled in the heart of the community. Some people say the owner, Missy Johnson, has the biggest heart in the area.

“I don’t think I would be alive at this point if it wasn’t for her,” said 87-year-old Gerry Cupp.

Missy Johnson isn’t one for attention. Her friend Kathy Frantz knows this first-hand. But that didn’t stop her from nominating Missy for Ozarks First’s Remarkable Women campaign.

“She doesn’t do what she does for recognition, but I think sometimes people deserve recognition,” Frantz said.

“I don’t do it for attention,” Missy deflected. “I do it because it’s something that needs to be done in the community.”

Missy is always on the go. She cares for two elderly people who have no family nearby. Missy is a God-send to Cupp.

“She is just a person I could not live without,” Cupp said.

Missy is her own version of Meals on Wheels — cooking and packaging a month’s worth of food for those in the community.

“If we don’t have care for our community, how are we going to take care of what needs to be done?” Missy asked.

For the past 14 years, Missy has been the community cook for Thanksgiving.

“I provide everything,” explains Missy. “All they do is walk in.”

She buys, prepares and cooks Thanksgiving meals for 125 people every November.

“Everything is made from scratch,” she said. “Nothing out of a can and nothing out of a box.”

You may wonder why somebody would do all that work. The reason is simple: Missy doesn’t want anybody to be alone for the holiday.

“My clients become my family. They are my extended family.”

-Missy Johnson

Inside the Heavenly Beauty Salon, there is a small sign given to Missy by a client that reads ‘Do small things with great love.’ Love has changed her community first-hand, said Kathy Frantz:

“I was super excited to show America that small towns have their heroes too.”