SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — Each Wednesday throughout the month of March, we’re sharing stories of the finalists in KOLR10’s annual Remarkable Women of the Ozarks series, highlighting the contributions made by women in our community. 

This year’s winner is Lindsey Racz, a licensed counselor, author, and mother of four.

Lindsey Racz is breaking down barriers when it comes to her family, her faith, and her calling of helping women heal.

Driven by an unwavering mission, Lindsey Racz has made her place in the Ozarks as a woman committed to cultivating a sense of belonging.

“She has such a heart for the women in our community,” said Lindsey’s husband, Matt.

“Mental health is an invisible illness because so many people struggle, but no one would know,” said Lindsey.

A long-time licensed therapist, Lindsey’s path to addressing the local mental health crisis began unexpectedly.

“Originally went to college to study interior design, that was my first love, but at that time I was also battling a really intense eating disorder and I also had a strong faith, and I kinda felt the lord redirect me to he kinda just said ‘no, you’re not going to study interior design, you’re going to be a therapist, and you’re going to help overcome this disorder. And you’re gonna heal, by the way,’” said Lindsey Racz.

Later motivated by the pandemic – with the support of her husband Matt – Lindsey quickly expanded her impact, founding Truth and Counsel, a Holistic, faith-based center to help women and children treat past trauma.

“The need was so great that I just began to pray about how can we meet this need in the community, so, we expanded from a sole proprietor practice to an s corporation practice and a group practice in 2021,” said Lindsey Racz.

And her impact is stretching beyond the Ozarks, with the publishing of Lindsey’s first children’s book, ‘The Lovely Heart.’

“That was published right before Christmas and lots of girls got it for a Christmas present,” said Lindsey.

“It’s written from a mom to a daughter, talking to the daughter about her true worth, her true beauty, and that it’s not tied up in what the world would say it is…It’s her heart,” said Matt Racz.

Utilizing her own journey with body positivity and nearly a decade of education, Lindsey Racz has received worldwide recognition for a movement grounded in self-acceptance.

“She is remarkable.” Just very strong, family-oriented, faith-filled mother and wife. We’re very proud of her,” said Matt Racz.

“When you’re doing the things that you do every day, you’re not thinking about doing it for recognition, you know, you’re doing what you’re supposed to be doing,” said Lindsey.

Lindsey says she plans to donate the $1,000 that comes with the award to Project Rescue, an organization founded by people from Springfield and now exists worldwide to rescue and restore women out of sex slavery.