SPRINGFIELD, Mo.- Do you know what to do if you see a deer in the middle of the road? Experts say the safest thing to do is to hit the deer if it means you can avoid swerving.

Deer hunting season is in full swing and hunters in Greene County have harvested around 900 deer just in the opening weekend.  

It is the middle of the mating season, driving more deer to Missouri roadways. The season lasts from October to December.

“You either swerve off the road into a situation that causes you, cause damage for you or your vehicle, worse than if you hit the deer or you could veer an oncoming traffic,” said Francis Skalicky, with the Missouri Department of Conservation.

The owners at advance auto body started a tradition to advertise “Hit A Deer Get A Turkey” in 2013.

Now it is used to bring awareness on what to do when you see a deer on the road because it could cost you eventually.

Skalicky says so far in the first weekend of open firearms season hunters have harvested over 90 thousand deer.