SPRINGFIELD, Mo. – Things will look a little different in the stands on Friday Nights at Springfield high schools.

The district is requiring high school students to wear their school IDs during home and away games. K-8 students are required to come into the games with a parent or guardian and sit with them in the stands.

“Our games are being attended again,” Springfield Public Schools (SPS) Athletic Director Joshua Scott said. “We have more and more students and our community members coming to our events. With that has come some unsupervised students. It’s hard to be able to keep a safe environment for everyone that’s attending the game if we have too much running around and not watching the event or watching the band.”

Just like in previous years, students will show their school ID to get into the football game. But, they will need to keep it handy or wear it.

“We’re not going to go through the stands and identify who has a name badge on and who doesn’t,” Scott said. “It’s just going to help us identify and make sure that we know who the student is later in the game. If we need to see.”

All students will remain in the stands for the entire game unless they have to use the bathroom or go to the concession stand.

“We [will] kindly try to redirect and will help to usher them to the place that they should be,” Scott said. “This is just about communicating that we want you at our events. We want you to come to the games. We just want it to be a great environment for everyone.”

A great environment is something Cory Goode not only wants for his three kids at Central High School, but for everyone.

“I’ve attended several football games this year at Central and I’ve never seen any real behavior issue,” Goode said. “If discipline issues arise, I think you know, this is just one way to help address the issues and make sure that they’re handled the appropriate way. It’s just one of those things that everybody has to get accustomed to.”

The district said the new requirements are only for football games right now. SPS will see if it needs to keep the same requirements for winter sports like basketball.