SPRINGFIELD, Mo.- Many neighbors who are upset with a planned development at National and Sunshine met with the people behind the plan. Members of the University Heights neighborhood met with representatives of BK&M LLC which is looking to rezone several properties it purchased. 

That meeting took place under a tent on the ground where an iconic Springfield home once stood. 

The meeting was held inside a tent and kept people dry during the rain, but the electricity went out halfway through the meeting and neighbors said the meeting violated the Americans with Disabilities act. 

People connected to the potential project didn’t unveil anything at the meeting.

“When you start breaking down a neighborhood piece by piece, it all falls apart.” said a neighbor at Monday’s meeting.

Many University Heights neighbors are still speaking out against the potential rezoning of an area near National and Sunshine. 

People at the meeting voiced concerns about no plans being presented, traffic, or saying the development is a money grab. 

“I am shocked that someone wants to ruin the neighborhood, quite honestly for greed.” said another neighbor.

Several spoke out against the meeting location itself saying the tent set up is a violation of the Americans with disabilities act. 

Bryan Fisher, a representative for the developer BK&M LLC, says they are following the city code. 

“Tonight’s meeting is required by the Springfield, Missouri, Code of Ordinances And so any application to amend the zoning map requires a neighborhood meeting. There are two locations that are permissible under the city code on the property that is the subject of the application or in the immediate vicinity,” said Fisher.

Lawyers for BK&M LLC say the meeting was for feedback and education. 

Fisher continued “the first purpose of the meeting is to inform the neighborhood, as you could tell from the meeting. Most people here, you know, know what the subject of the application is. A lot of people do not understand what conditional overlay districts are or what they mean when they are in an application. So that’s part of what we were doing today. But the primary purpose is to get feedback, to allow the neighborhood to provide feedback about what they think, what their concerns are, and what their thoughts are.”

The developers behind this project tell Ozarks First there is a detailed unveiling and presentation scheduled for November 7 but it is invite-only for those who live in University Heights.