SPRINGFIELD, Mo. – The forecast this week has many people, for the first time this season, firing up the furnace.

Doing so is something experts recommend to make sure any problems can get resolved early.

Technicians with Larson Heating and Air said they are already seeing an increase in calls coming in.

“People are turning on their furnaces for the first time,” said Trevor O’Bryan, a technician with the company. “They may not be coming on, or they may have had an issue last season at the end of it and they’re just realizing now that it has to be taken care of.”

O’Bryan said finding the problem now is key.

City Utilities of Springfield is currently offering a rebate for people who have a tune-up performed on their heating system.

CU electric and natural gas residential single-family and multi-family customers may qualify for a $50 rebate.

Rebates are eligible on heating systems tuned up from September 1, 2022, through December 31, 2022.

The application can be found at this website: https://www.cityutilities.net/save/tuneup/

“When it gets really cold, nobody wants to be without heat,” said O’Bryan. “Making sure that we’re trying to get that stuff now is important so that people aren’t having to wait in the freezing cold.”

Besides calling out an expert to check the systems, there are tips people can do to save money down the line.

“Filter changes are huge,” said O’Bryan. “It’s something simple that every homeowner can do themselves. Other things are checking attic insulation.”