SPRINGFIELD, Mo. – Friday marked a celebration for both Drury and Evangel Universities.

Evangel broke ground on a new sports complex called the Valor Center.

“We’ve just seen tens of millions of dollars pour into Evangel to help invest in this generation,” President Dr. Mike Rakes said.

The university has raised over $30 million for the campus. The money allows Evangel to start new projects like the sports complex.

Valor Center will be a 70,000 square feet facility where basketball, football, soccer, and volleyball teams will play.

“You’re can imagine not only the opportunity for high schools to be able to come and watch college athletics and kind of experience that,” Rakes said.

The sports complex is one of the first projects Evangel has started in a while.

“I think it’s going to be great for Springfield,” Missouri Secretary of State Jay Ashcroft said. ”Obviously with my family attachment, my grandfather being president here for many years, I just love to see the growth and change.”

“It’s providing jobs,” Ashcroft said. ”The economic benefits are going to last for years and years. It’s great seeing the community come together.”

Evangel is also able to build a new turf field and renovate student housing from the $30 million the school has raised.

As for Drury, the new O’Reilly, Breech, and Thompson (OBT) Center is the first new educational building in 20 years.

“It is incredible the support for this university,” Dean Breech School of Business Administration Jeff Zimmerman said. “Donations made this possible. Donations of $27 million for students.”

OBT center is home to five academic departments: business, political science, international affairs, computer science, and mathematics. The building has 11 classrooms and 46 faculty offices.

“One of the real hallmarks of this building are the number of small little conference setups with appropriate technology for students to engage,” Zimmerman said. ”We have math students in here collaborating with computer science students, collaborating with all the business students, giving us an opportunity to prepare the whole student.”

Students will start taking classes at the OBT center in January. But, the building also served a purpose for the community.

“We have built the Thompson Executive Conference Center for Springfield,” Zimmerman said. ”[It is] another place for organizations in Springfield to gather and meet and think about how to advance this community.”

Organizations can also start renting space in January.