SPRINGFIELD, Mo. – “Sharing Stories of the Crossroads” is a history-themed radio show created by The History Museum on the Square on 92.3 FM.

This week host John Sellars spoke with photojournalist and Emmy Award-winning reporter Ed Fillmer. Fillmer has a long history of telling stories about people, culture and issues in the Ozarks.

“He almost immediately began to do slice-of-life videos of people that you wouldn’t expect. You know, they weren’t famous people. They weren’t people that had cured something or whatever. They were just people… and how they lived… wherever it was some obscure place in the backwoods or whatever. And he called those Ozarks Life,” said Sellars. During the 80s and 90s, Fillmer worked for local news outlets before going freelance.

“These Ozarks Life videos are just amazing, extraordinary little slices of what I feel like is true history,” said Sellars. He said the value of those stories is indescribable and will help somebody who wants to look back in history and see what life was like during this time. “It’s how people lived, how they spent their day to day and how they impacted the people around them.”

Sellars said Fillmer worked out a deal with the Springfield Greene County Library to house his work and make them available to the public online.

Next week Sellars will be chatting with Geoff Steele, Executive Director at the Gillioz Theatre. They will be talking about the theater almost becoming 100 years old.