SPRINGFIELD, Mo.- You may have heard of South by Southwest but how about Mid-by-Midwest? A new festival has finally made its way to Springfield, the first-of-its-kind mural event and culture festival

MIDxMIDWST Is a large-scale mural art & culture festival. That celebrates the midwestern art scene by showcasing artists from around the region.

Organizer Meg Wagner, who is a Springfield native, says after years of pushing the weekend-long event back, they are finally able to bring something new and fresh to Springfield.

“I’m just trying to bring a vision to bring more art to the area. You know, building some culture here in Springfield” said organizer Meg Wagner.

The festival is taking over downtown Springfield Saturday and Sunday. People with passes can see 8 live mural paintings on the sides of downtown buildings, live music performances, and art installations.

“So, this is our debut year, but we’ve been kind of, you know, growing it for, for about three years now. We started planning in 2019 to debut in 2020. But with COVID we put it on the back burner” said Wegner.

Festival goers can also see more than 75 arts, tech, and cultural businesses scattered throughout downtown.

“I’m excited. After all the years of planning, it finally worked out this year, I think it’s great for the first year and I’m excited to kind of see it grow” said Jeremy Lux, an organizer for MIDxMIDWST.

Their goal is to provide the community with unique and accessible opportunities.

Lux continued to say “I think it’s important for the community to kind of have kind of different festivals and then what we’ve had in the past and kind of share it that way.”