SPRINGFIELD, Mo — The City’s Springfield Yields pedestrian safety program will be hosting Yield Checks to increase driver compliance at crosswalks. It will begin Thursday, Oct. 20 and last through November.

Drivers who do not yield during these Checks, may be pulled over by an officer.

The program is funded by a $21,120 grant from the Missouri Department of Transportation. Funds will go towards paying officers on overtime for their participation in this project. This will be a one-four hour Yield Check shift per week.

The overall goals of the practice is to make the community safe for pedestrians and to increase the yielding rate by educating drivers.

“According to quarterly crosswalk compliance assessments, Springfield drivers currently yield to pedestrians in a crosswalk approximately 52 percent of the time,” according to a City of Springfield newsletter. “National studies show that educational enforcement activities like Yield Checks can result in 70 percent or more of drivers yielding at crosswalks.”