SPRINGFIELD, Mo. – Haunted history tours hosted by the History Museum on the Square are now available on select days throughout the fall season.

History radio show, Sharing Stories of the Crossroads on 92.3 FM, talked about the museum’s yearly fundraiser, the haunted tours as well as upcoming events to their listeners this week.

Host John Sellars, spoke with Dr. Dale Moore from OTC as well as the History Museum’s Educator Whitney Mosley about how the tours have expanded throughout the years.

“We’ve got walking tours, haunted walking tours… a walking tour of Commercial street… we’ve done some walking tours about Route 66,” said Sellars. “Just a bunch of them and we’re going to expand on that into 2023.”

“When you look back at things that happened a hundred years ago or 150 years ago or whatever… it gives you a better basis, a better feel for… What’s going on around you right now,” said Sellars. “When I…pull the newspaper from a hundred years ago and read the headlines and look at the things that are going on 100 years ago, so much of it… is the same today on a different scale or a different location.”

Haunted History Walking Tours will run on Fridays and Saturdays at 5:30 pm starting September 16 through October 29.  The History Museum will limit participants to 15 on the walking tour.

Friday, September 30, and Saturday, October 1 will be their only bus tours.

Visitor Experience Coordinator, Meg Pearson, and Museum Educator, Whitney Mosley, gave Ozarksfirst.com an exclusive preview of the Haunted History Walking Tour in the clip above.