SPRINGFIELD, Mo.- Since the 2020 presidential election, many have questioned the integrity of elections. Now as Missouri voters prepare for the midterms, the question of many minds is will their vote count? 

Greene County Clerk Shane Schoeller says he wants voters to know every step of the voting process. 

“As I tell voters we want voters to know every part of the election except how you vote. That is the one part that we are going to keep a secret that should be kept secret,” said Schoeller, “We take those counts and compare them to what the machine showed on the day of the election in terms of what was printed. And since we’ve done that here, in my years as county clerk, we have never had a manual count that has disagreed with or overturned the machine count. “ 

One of those steps is the checks the clerk’s office does on all of the poll machines before and after voting has closed. 

“Every piece of tabulation equipment that a voter is going to cast their ballot into, that’s going to be tested by a bipartisan team. They’re going to verify that their machines accurately and logically county will do that prior to the election” Schoeller explained.

Schoeller also describes how voters can be poll challengers and observe election activities at the polls.  

Another way you as a voter can make sure the election is secure.  

“You can go to your local party chair of the party that you prefer, and they can point you to be a challenger or a poll watcher. In terms of taking that ownership and realizing that you can be there, you can be part of the process,” said Schoeller.

He says the spread of misinformation through social media can affect the way you understand the process of the election and the way you vote. 

Schoeller stresses that it is important to fact-check everything you read and be informed before you repost.  

The Greene County Clerk’s Office says they do all of this to be confident that when the votes are certified, they are the accurate outcome of that election.