SPRINGFIELD, Mo.- Dozens came to Jordan Valley Park in Springfield today wrapping up a month-long series of celebrating the city in September.

People were able to experience all the things Springfield has to offer from local shops, food, and music. We spoke with a mother who bought her kid out to enjoy the event. She told me these types of events really help with giving her kids something fun to do while saving money.

Erin Danastasio says that even though she is from Springfield she realized that she had not experienced all the things to do in the city.

That’s when she decided to create a space for people to explore all the things Springfield has to offer.

“Celebrate Springfield was designed to be able to highlight all the inherent attributes that Springfield has to offer by removing barriers that prevent people from really taking advantage of all those activities,” said Danastasio.

Today marked the all-over celebration for the string of events celebrated Springfield put on throughout the month of September.

“Sometimes folks don’t know that something’s going on or maybe it’s not in their budget at this time. Or if you’ve never done something, you may not want to go and see it for the first time. So, the whole point to celebrate Springfield was to help connect folks to these different events. “ said an attendee.

At Jordan Valley Park this afternoon, families and friends were able to enjoy a bunch of activities, games, and music for free.

Danastasio explained, “There is live music as you can hear. But then we also had Bass Pro come out with some animals at about house. We have Ty dying from the Arts Council Discovery dinners out here science experiments, all sorts of activities.”

They hope to make this event a tradition and show more people why they celebrate Springfield.

“It’s helped me tremendously because that way I don’t have to pay out of pocket.” attendee Deborah Lindsay explained, “Our hope is that this becomes an annual event where the whole goal is to help serve the residents that live here and get them connected to this place, we call home.”

This was the first year for the event and it was a success. If you missed out this time, they do hope to bring it back again in the upcoming years.