MARSHFIELD, Mo. – A sign war has begun in the streets of Marshfield causing multiple businesses to retaliate against Marshfield McDonald’s initial war declaration.

If you are driving around Marshfield you might have read some strange signs on businesses. The reason is because McDonald’s declared a sign war against their across-the-street neighbor Dairy Queen.

McDonald’s first message, “HEY DQ! WANNA HAVE A SIGN WAR” was deliberate and straight to the point, however, Dairy Queen’s response, “WE WLD BUT WERE 2 BUSY MAKIN ICECREAM” was a not so subtle retort. The response officially began the Marshfield Sign War.

Randy Bryant, local Director of Operations shared, “Marshfield is such a close community, we’re all like family here.  Mario on our team had a great idea to get this all started! He said It’s hot, the world is throwing everyone challenges and negativity, so we all found a way to laugh and have fun as a community. And what’s better than an old fashion sign war?!”

If you follow the Marshfield Area Chamber of Commerce’s Facebook page, you can find the ongoing battle still taking place.