SPRINGFIELD, Mo. – Crews have been preparing for the winter weather that’s heading in Monday night into Tuesday morning.

While a significant snowfall is not likely, MoDOT and local public works departments said they are ready to treat the roads as needed.

“It’s pretty much a statewide event,” said MoDOT District Maintenance Engineer Darin Hamelink. “There will be some areas that are less impacted than others. It’s going to vary by shop, but we’re going to have all of our shops out running tonight and into tomorrow morning.” 

Hamelink said these first few weather events really help get crews back in the swing of things.

A smaller storm allows new hires to get training opportunities. This year, MoDOT is still continuing to deal with worker shortages.

“About 30 percent short of where we need to be,” said Hamelink. “About 100 drivers short in our southwest corner of the state.”

He said this can impact getting out to plow less traveled routes.

It’s something Hamelink said crews are working through the best they can. Springfield Public Works crews said they are ready to respond Monday night as needed.

“We’ve got trucks loaded and ready,” said Springfield Superintendent of Streets Colten Harris. “We’ve got staff on standby. We’ll just monitor the event and the weather to what the response will be.” 

With a small amount of snowfall predicted, the Springfield Police Department is hoping drivers ease back into the winter weather mindset.

“When you’ve got winter weather outside, always leave with a little extra time to get where you’re going,” said Cris Swaters with the Springfield Police Department. “Give yourself extra space between yourself and the car in front of you and, of course, obey the speed limit.”

 Local agencies suggest people check road conditions Tuesday morning before heading out.