KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A man found dead earlier this month in a wooded area in Kansas City, Missouri, following a murder-suicide has now been identified as the suspect in a double homicide.

On October 1, firefighters discovered the bodies of 24-year-old Camila Behrensen and 25-year-old Pablo Guzman-Palma inside their fire-damaged apartment near 41st and Oak streets. Both were researchers at the Stowers Institute for Medical Research.

Police said the victims suffered physical trauma that would not have been caused by a fire.
Detectives seized shell casings and projectiles from the apartment as evidence.

On October 16, KCPD responded to investigate two bodies found in a wooded area near NE 48th Street and Randolph Road in Clay County. The preliminary ruling from the medical examiner’s office indicated the two died in a murder-suicide.

A spokesperson for KCPD said 40-year-old Misty Brockman and 42-year-old Kevin Moore were found with apparent trauma and pronounced dead at the scene.

On Thursday, Jackson County prosecutors announced that a KCPD investigation established that on or about October 1, Moore caused the deaths of Behrensen and Guzman-Palma and intentionally set their apartment on fire.

“Due to the efforts of KCPD and, in particular, the Crime Lab, KCPD used phone and computer data, surveillance videos, ballistic testing as well as DNA tests to determine the cause of the deaths of Behrensen and Guzman-Palma and to determine that Moore was the suspect,” the prosecutor’s office said in a news release Thursday.

The murder-suicide in Clay County is still under investigation.