SPRINGFIELD, Mo. – A recent study shows people in Missouri have a rising interest in electric vehicles yet is in the middle of the ranking in regard to EV infrastructure.

A study released by QuoteWizard has Missouri as number 25 of the 50 states for electric vehicle infrastructure. The state has eleven charging stations for every 10,000 vehicles, which was one of the factors leading to this ranking.

A second factor in the ranking was Missouri’s 0.50% electric vehicle adoption rate. This low number comes despite Missouri ranking 23 of 50 states for its interest in electric vehicles.

Missouri has seen a 52% increase in EV interest in the past year, higher than the national 48% increase.

Springfield is Missouri’s second most-interested city in Missouri with the change in demand for electric vehicles increasing by 25% from 2021 to 2022.

West Virginia has seen the highest growth in interest in electric cars at a 140% increase over the past year. New Mexico is at the bottom of the list with a 12% interest rate.

Data for the study comes from the United States Department of Energy on electric vehicles and infrastructure, along with Google analytics data.