SPRINGFIELD, Mo.- The flu cases are on the rise as we are amid the season. As those numbers continue to climb the demand for blood donations is getting higher. Health professionals are having to keep an eye out for those who may be looking to donate blood, as it could be a major health risk. 

Springfield Green County has nearly 300 cases reported. This is when there is high demand for those in need of blood donations. But if you were looking to donate blood this season, you may want to check your health first.  

“They kind of get a free health check when they come in,” said Michelle Teter of The Community Blood Center of the Ozarks, “they ask you how you’re feeling that day. If you’re feeling sick.” 

With this being the middle of flu season, cases continue to rise.  

One hundred and sixteen flu cases were reported by Springfield Greene County Health last week. 

The numbers this year are much higher than those during the height of COVID- 19 with only three reported cases around this time in 2020.  

“In order to help prevent our health care system from being overwhelmed and to prevent additional impacts like the blood supply is impacted since people can’t donate; we’re just really advising that if you are having those symptoms to stay home,” said PIO for Springfield Greene County Health Aaron Schekorra.

Donating blood while sick could be a huge health risk for those on the receiving end of donations. The rise in viruses comes at the same time the Community Blood Center of the Ozarks says it sees a greater need. 

 “There’s a patient in the hospital right now that is waiting for a blood transfusion so they can go home before the holiday weekend. We need 200 donations a day to meet our needs,” said Teter.

With this high demand, it is important to remember to keep yourself healthy, and to those to who you are donating.