BRANSON, Mo. – A Branson couple were sleeping in bed when suddenly their dog began biting one of them. The dog was trying to warn them that something was wrong.

On October 4, Tracy Leach was already asleep when her dog, Rocky, began biting her hand around 1:25 a.m.

“I kept saying, you know, Rocky… lay down… it’s not time to get up yet… and he wouldn’t leave me alone,” said Leach. She said Rocky would jump on Leach’s husband, Gil, and then jump back to drag her hand over to him.

She finally got up to turn the light on and saw her husband flailing around in the bed.

“I said ‘are you okay?’ and he said ‘I’m okay. I’m okay.’ And he just kept repeating it,” said Leach. When Gil tried to get up he collapsed to his knees. Leach ran and got her son and called 911.

When the medical team arrived, they were able to diagnose that Gil was having a stroke.

He was flown from Branson West to Mercy Hospital in Springfield.

“All the doctors told me… because we got there so fast, that it wasn’t as… severe as it could have been,” said Leach.

“So we just say that Rocky is our hero because I probably would have just slept at least a little while longer before noticing.” She said that they sleep on a king-sized bed that doesn’t move whenever another person moves in bed.

Gil has had acute myeloid leukemia twice and because of that, he has been on blood thinners. Due to a procedure, he was going to have the following day, he was off of it for two days. At that time a blood clot was able to form on the left side of his brain causing the stroke.

“He’s doing well, actually. He’s improved remarkably since yesterday morning,” said Leach. She believes Gil will be discharged in a day or two. “He’s going to go to rehab for speech therapy. His extremities are well… so it’s mainly just his speech that is affected.”

Leach said her family, friends, and church have all come together to pray for a speedy recovery.

“I want to thank all of the wonderful doctors and nurses for the skilled and kind care they have shown both Gil and I. Also the Mets and the Life Flight pilots,” said Leach.

She also is giving Rocky extra special attention in the form of treats and hugs. She said her sister is getting a special toy for Rocky that says ‘Hero’ on it as well.

“It’s comforting to know that he’s that in tune… with us… to know something is wrong,” said Leach. She said Rocky and Gil are like best friends and like to go driving around the neighborhood together.

Gil and Rocky during their daily road trips