Reactions to Oprah Winfrey's Presidential-like Speech

Oprah Winfrey had Hollywood and the nation captivated by last night's Golden Globes.

She won a lifetime achievement award and delivered an impassioned speech about women's empowerment.

It sounded very presidential and two people close to Winfrey say she would be willing to run for president in 2020 if the public wants her to.

We put that question on our Facebook page and here's what we got:

"Oprah is as qualified as Trump to be president," said Joy Shook. "Billionaire, TV personality. I would guess her IQ is higher. I am not interested in thinking next president for another year and a half."

"She commands attention and is a great speaker," said Paul Peitzmeier. "She can accomplish more in media than under constant attack in political office. I'd like to see more teachers or scientists in office and fewer of the "old-guard" politicians."

"There is nothing I want less," said Kathleen D. Trombley. "I want a woman President, but not her. I can think of so many others more qualified!"

"I don't think anyone in Hollywood is capable of being a decent President," said Janet Bishop O'Brien. "Oprah talks a good game, but I doubt she would care about the entire U.S. and only focus on her favorites such as inner-city issues and education. Both of which are great areas but facing the enemies at our doorstep needs more focus."

"Oprah gives away gifts on her show," said Dustin Richards. "Trump made people work for their job on his. There's your difference between a Democrat and Republican."

Thanks to all who responded.

We also asked our political analyst, Dr. Brian Calfano to weigh in on the possibility of yet another celebrity making it to the oval office.

"Not very serious, I can't imagine this is a very serious candidacy on the part of Oprah," Calfano said. "I think it's her handlers trying to keep her in the news after a really nice speech she gave last night. Politically there's a lot of tough terrain for her to scale before she can be realistically thought of as a candidate for president."

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