SPRINGFIELD Mo.–Rachel Staudte, the woman who killed her father, brother, and poisoned her sister with antifreeze, was sentenced to serve two concurrent life sentences plus two concurrent 20-year-sentences.

She will have the opportunity for parole around 42 years, and along with time served, will likely not serve 50-years.

Rachel Staudte, 25, pleaded guilty last May to killing her father and brother and trying to kill her older sister.   She agreed to testify against her mother who was also charged in the murders

Diane Staudte, 53,  also pleaded guilty in January to second degree murder for using anti-freeze in the poisoning death of her husband, Mark, in April, 2012.

She also pleaded guilty to first degree murder for the poisoning death of her son Shaun Staudte, 26, in September, 2012.

And she also entered a guilty plea to first degree assault for attempting to poison her daughter, Sarah Staudte, who was hospitalized in June, 2013, but survived the attempt.

Staudte was sentenced to life in prison.  Prosecutors earlier announced intentions to seek the death penalty against her.