POLK COUNTY, Mo. — The man who ran from a burning building and allegedly shot a gun toward officers has been charged with multiple offenses.

Andrew Sims is formally charged with second-degree arson, first-degree assault and unlawful use of a weapon, all of which are felonies.

According to a probable cause statement, deputies arrived on scene and observed a house fully engulfed in flames and a subject outside.

Deputies watched Sims as he began to walk around the property with an “AK-47 style rifle” and yelling loudly asking questions such as asking why no one was there. He also was making statements asking law enforcement if they were scared and taunting people that were not there.

Law enforcement observed Sims point the rifle in the air and fire a shot. He moved around the property near the garage into a darker area illuminated by flames and fired a shot in the direction of a deputy, according to the probable cause document.

A short time later, deputies could not see or hear Sims. Deputies were later informed he was on the back porch of a neighbor and family member with the weapons, according to the report. Deputies were told the homeowners had been informed of the call and they had secured their house and did not answer when he knocked on the door.

Sims then left the property and went south into a wooded area, where he was later located and taken into custody.

When Sims was interviewed at the Polk County Sheriff’s Office, he stated he intended to burn the house down after an argument with his wife. Sims said he was very mad and turned on the propane bottle and opened the wood furnace in the basement while she was home. The wife said she smelled propane before leaving the house.

Sims said in the interview that he shot several times into the air and also believed two neighbors were in the woods trying to harm him.