JEFFERSON CITY, MO.– A lawsuit filed against the Waynesville R-IV School District in regards to their current mask mandate is one of 36 filed Friday.

The Missouri Attorney General’s Office filed the suit earlier today with Plaintiffs Samantha Graham and Kalea Bouin who are parents with children who attend in the Waynesville school district.

According to the filed petition, The Missouri Attorney General’s Office is saying school districts only have the power to issue those health rules that the General Assembly provides them—and the General Assembly did not give school districts the authority to condition in-person attendance on compliance with an arbitrary mask mandate.

They also go on to state that school districts don’t have the power to impose mask mandates and that decisions about masking children to stop COVID-19 from spreading are for the parents to make and not the school.

The petition continues its deep dive saying that mandatory masking in schools to help prevent the COVID-19 spread is a theory and has no empirical rational basis.

Graham and Bouin are suing to prevent their kids from being subject to what they say is an unlawful and arbitrary mandate.

The entire petition and post can be read found on twitter.