RUSSELLVILLE, Ark. — A family of an autistic teen in Russellville thanking officers for stepping in when only three people showed up to his party.

You can spot 15-year old Bradley Butler, helping out his dad – Ben – at the “The Rustic Rooster” in Downtown Russellville. And right next door – sits one of his favorite places. “Bradley turned 15 last Tuesday, so we decided to have his birthday here at the arcade,” says Ben Butler, Bradley’s dad.   

Ben says he sent out invitations two weeks prior – inviting all of Bradley’s friends to celebrate. “We had about 30 people R.S.V.P but only three people showed; two of Bradley’s friends and one adult,” says Ben.

That’s when he decided to call in a favor from a friend.”He called me and told me what was going on with Bradley’s birthday party,” says Sgt. Mark Frost, with the Russellville Police Dept. “Next thing I knew we had about 8 officers, 7 patrol cars, the Russellville Fire Department,” says Ben. “We were laughing because we used so many coins we thought they were coming to arrest us for it,” says Bradley.

Instead they were coming as guests for Bradley’s special day. “Kids birthday are probably their most important day other than Christmas, and they need to celebrate with people,” says Frost.

While Bradley says those that didn’t show up missed out on a good time.”It made me sad, but I had all my close friends with me so that’s all I needed,” says Bradley.

He’s thanking the officers who took the time to make this one birthday he wont soon forget.