CABOT, Ark.(KARK) – Christmas reluctantly came early for one Cabot family after their Halloween decorations got police called on them.

Tim and Melissa Minchue said a police officer came to their door Monday morning while they were at work, warning them neighbors found the decorations offensive.

“It was pretty scary to my mother-in-law thinking that we could have been hurt or something,” said Tim Minchue. “Plus wasting taxpayers’ money, of course. Everybody’s offended about something nowadays.”

Bloody baby dolls in a cauldron, on a picnic table and in a BBQ pit decorated their front yard.

“I guess that’s what they found so offensive,” Minchue said. “They were just baby dolls laying around the house. I don’t know. No particular reason, just decorations.”
However, their neighbors’ response forced them to take down the decorations and put up signs in their place that read, “Apologies to our neighbors who we offended so much with our Halloween decorations that they felt the need to send a police officer to our house. Merry Christmas to you and yours.”

“It was offensive to me that they would call the police officers over here over something as childish as Halloween decorations,” Minchue said. “I mean, that’s something everybody does. From the time you’re a little kid to a grown up, everybody enjoys Halloween.”
Exactly three weeks before the holiday, the Minchue family started decorating for Christmas, without knowing who was the Grinch that stole their Halloween.

“I’d say sorry to their face, shake their hand and hope that our baby Jesus isn’t going to offend anybody,” Minchue said.
Tim and Melissa scrapped their Halloween costume ideas and now plan to be a scary Santa and zombie elf. Their kids plan to do the same.

The Cabot Police Department said officers have to respond to every call they receive.

The officer who responded did not request the Minchue family to remove the decorations. The department said he was just there to politely notify the family that complaints were being made.

Tim and Melissa said they appreciated the officer coming out. They didn’t appreciate, however, that neighbors wasted his time.