SPRINGFIELD, Mo. – A longtime Springfield school nurse who tenaciously sought ways to meet students’ needs was described Monday as a safety net, a “northern star” and the “heart and soul” of Pipkin Middle School.

Connie Rodden Caudle, who died unexpectedly Sunday, spent nearly all of her 20-year career stationed at Pipkin.

In addition to serving as a first responder for students who fell ill at school, she worked closely with families to assess and intervene in physical, mental and situational issues that might distract students from their schoolwork.

She kept close track of which students lacked winter coats, turkeys at Thanksgiving and presents under the tree. She knew when students were running low on soap at home – or needed to see a doctor, have a tooth pulled or just confide in a trusted friend.

“She was just an amazing school nurse, the most self-sacrificing person I’ve ever met,” said Jean Grabeel, director of health services for students. “She will truly be missed for the impact she’s had on the lives of students and their families.”

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