SPRINGFIELD, Mo. – For a limited time, the Springfield Cardinals are selling shirts and caps with the new alternate team name.

Today marks the first home game where the Cardinals will go by their alternate identity, the “Springfield Cashew Chickens”.

According to the team’s Twitter post, the team store began selling the merchandise earlier today until 4:00 p.m. The store plans to reopen when the gates open to the public at 6:05 p.m.

There is a limited supply, but the store clerk told OzarksFirst that more inventory is coming. You can request to be notified through a notification list from the cashier or you can order online.

The Springfield Cashew Chickens will be playing the first three home games from Thursday, May 25 to May 27. The Cashew Chickens will sporadically appear throughout the rest of the season.

Springfield-style Cashew Chicken will also be served at concession stands during Cashew Chicken games.