WAYNESVILLE, Mo. — A Phelps County woman accused of child abuse is free after a judge overruled a jury’s guilty verdict.

The father of the child in this case has been sentenced to seven years in prison in the same circumstance but is currently free on bond pending an appeal of his case, according to the office of the Circuit Clerk in Pulaski County where the case was heard on a change of venue.

Hannah Crall and Shawn Crall

Hannah and Shawn Crall were each charged in 2019 with two counts of abuse or neglect of a child after their four-month-old suffered a broken arm from an unknown cause.

According to a press release, police later found out the child had sustained 18 broken bones on various body parts.

The child’s injuries were determined to be caused by trauma, not by accident.

Judge John Beger overruled a jury that found Hannah Crall guilty. Shawn Crall was found guilty and sentenced to seven years on one count. The second count was dismissed.