Parson Says He Won't Shake Up Cabinet

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. -- New Missouri Governor Mike Parson is taking over in times of turmoil after former governor Eric Greitens resigned over non-dismissed criminal charges. 

Now Parson is promising his staff they will not pay for the misgivings of his predecessor. 

With cabinet officers visible through the doors, the new governor emerged from his capitol office just long enough to repeat his promise of stability and continuity in government.  

The governor directly controls the appointments of about half the cabinet, those not hired by the commissions he appoints.

"Governor Greitens brought together a good team for the state of Missouri, that I'm looking forward to working with. I don't anticipate any changes in the cabinet that I'm aware of.  All I want to do is be a resource for them." 

The meeting lasted only about twenty minutes.  Before getting on the elevator, Corrections Director Anne Precythe told reporters she would remain in the job.  "We will be sharing his vision, which is about employees. It's about the big picture and making sure we're connecting all the dots within our communities and for the people of Missouri."

Agriculture Director Chris Chinn will stay on as well.  
Like Precythe, she said Parson expressed no specific agenda.  

However, she says farmers feel a special connection to having one of their own in the office. 
"Who knows what it's like to be a price taker instead of a price maker. So our farmers and ranchers have hope. They are excited."  

Parson is planning to get some face time with those farmers and other Missouri residents. 

(KRCG for CNN)

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