Parson on Tariffs, Wants Even Playing Field

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. -- Missouri's agriculture exports could end up costing more for other countries to buy thanks to a brewing trade war. 

The latest country to impose tariffs on U.S. goods in retaliation to our countries new fees -- China.

We spoke with Missouri Gov. Mike Parson today about this issue.

"Needless to say as the governor of the state of Missouri we're concerned about tariffs and how they're going to affect our farmers in this state," Parson said. "However, I do think that it is long overdue that we renegotiate, that we need to do things to make the playing field even without trade with foreign counties and everything."

However, Parson tells us he knows this could have an impact in Missouri.

He spoke with the president about the hardships tariffs could cause a few weeks ago. 

He says he's trying to work with U.S. lawmakers to make sure Missouri's concerns are heard.

KOLR10 has been reporting on tariffs affecting local businesses over the past few weeks.

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