SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — For this week’s Pet Connection, Ozarks First went to visit some of the feline residents at the Watching Over Whiskers shelter to meet some new friends.

Marci Bowling of Watching Over Whiskers showed Ozarks First the teenage kitty room where several cats are paired together either as sibling best friends.

“They’ve all been raised as babies so they love humans… they love people and they all have their bonded best sibling friends to go with to a forever home,” said Bowling.

Bowling said the hard part about introducing multiple cats together is making sure they get along. In this case, they already do.

People can also join the twice-monthly meet-and-greets at pet stores and the Watching Over Whiskers headquarters on the second and third Saturday of every month.

To help with fostering, funding, or forever homes you can get more information at the Watching Over Whiskers website and check out their Facebook page to learn more about their upcoming Feline Lucky Paddle Party event on March 25.