SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — Every weekday at 4 p.m., Meteorologist Natalie Nunn provides an update on stories that are trending on our website and looks at what’s happening around the Ozarks from our Digital News Desk.

In an update from a story we first brought to you on Tuesday night, the victim of a drive-by shooting in downtown Springfield has been named. 26-year-old Chaviz Nguyen was killed near the corner of College and Campbell.

OzarksFirst was on the scene this morning, when Chea Nguyen, Chaviz’s dad and family visited the location. He gave us an update on the passenger, Chaviz’s pregnant girlfriend.

The Webster County community has rallied around the victims of a housefire that left three children dead. Over $90,000 has been raised in support of the parents.

With the shorter days, most of our viewing area is not able to get vitamin D from the sun. Harvard Medical School says everyone north of the 37th parallel needs to supplement with vitamin D.