SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — The City of Springfield recently approved a $3.7 million agreement with the Springfield Convention and Visitor’s Bureau. 

This is a renewal of an annual agreement. 

Jenifer Abreu talked to Sean Dixon, the marketing director with the CVB, about where this money is coming from and where it’s going. 

Dixon says the CVB receives a big chunk of that money, but the $3.7 million also goes to other partners in the community as well. 

He says the money comes from a lodging tax on hotel rooms in the City of Springfield. 

The CVB receives about 72 percent of those $3.7 million, which comes out to be about 2.7 million – the rest of its funding comes from grants with the state or private fundraising. And the CVB’s job is to use those funds to incentive more visitors to come to Springfield. 

Dixon says the budget has steadily increased. In 2010, the city approved about $2.7 million for tourism. He says this shows an organic increase given improvements and developments in Springfield like  Wonders of Wildlife, the Springfield Cardinals and other attractions. 

The revenue of hotels in the city has steadily increased as well. Dixon said about three or four years ago, hotels in the city made their first $100 million collectively, and that number is expected to go up to $115-120 million since Wonders of Wildlife opened its doors.