Mo. — A House committee hearing is talking about letting you decide to have a digital driver’s license.

The traditional plastic ID would still be issued to everyone, but under the proposed legislation you could pay an additional fee to have it on your phone as well.

“What it does is it allows you to get your driver’s license on your mobile device,” said State Representative Nate Tate (R-St. Clair).

Representative Nate Tate believes it’s much easier to forget your wallet than to forget your phone these days. That’s one reason he’s introduced House Bill 22-80.

The proposed legislation would allow Missourians who head to the DMV to obtain or renew a license, the option of paying $50 to have a digital ID on their phone.

“Now the way it would work is that you would download an app from the App Store,” Rep. Tate said. “A secured app and would have to put in a fingerprint or facial recognition or a pin number something to that effect and then the app would open up and you could see the ID.”

Committee members on the House Transportation Committee raised questions about security. A representative from the Missouri Department of Revenue, Joshua Shewmaker, testified in support of the bill.

“From the other states that have implemented this they have not had any kind of security concerns as of yet,” Shewmaker said.

There is an estimated cost of slightly more than 1 million dollars for the state to implement digital IDs.

The representative sponsoring the bill believes the fee paid by those who want one would help offset that cost. He adds that if you can’t find your phone, the Department of Revenue could still protect your ID.