SPRINGFIELD, Mo.–For the first time ever, people will be able to pick up food directly from Ozarks Food Harvest instead of from its other agencies. Because of the government shut down, federal workers can get their food directly from the source. 

The food bank is doing this to alleviate the increased workload  on its partners. 

Even though staff doesn’t know how many federal workers to expect on Tuesday, they are still gathering everything from food to laundry detergent to hand out to federal workers in need. 

Federal workers all over the country are feeling the affects from the government shutdown. Its impact even trickling down to Ozarks Food Harvest.

“It’s kind of scary territory for all of us,” says Jordan Browning, Ozarks Food Harvest Community Partnerships & Advocacy Coordinator.

For others at the food bank like Leah Carter, the shutdown means giving back in an unprecedented way by providing food directly from its location.

“It’s very exciting really. We’re glad to be able to help, it’s very different than our typical day, but it’ll be wonderful to able to provide so much,” says Leah Carter, Ozarks Food Harvest Outreach Coordinator. 

Staff members are setting up tables with food and other necessities for federal employees to grab. Even writing down what’s available in the refrigerator and freezer for them to take home. 

“There’s a whole lot going on right now and we’re just focused on making sure that people get what they need and food is one of those,” says Carter. 

Especially during a time when February’s food stamps are being given by at least January 20th; forcing recipients to ration them out until at least March.

 “We’re in it for the long haul so we’re going to be here as long as we are needed and so we’ve made sure to have provisions in place, that we have the food products needed, we have the distribution needed, and have the agencies needed to continue to supply those federal workers who are continued to be affected by that,” says Browning. 

If you’re a federal employee needing assistance, Ozarks Food Harvest will be open Tuesday and Wednesday from 8am-4pm and Thursday from 8am to 7pm.

To receive assistance, please be sure to bring a valid federal ID.