SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — For people wondering what the day on Springfield’s police force looks like, here are all the types of reports that the Springfield Police Department filed during 24-hour periods.

Ozarks First is working to give readers an in-depth look at crime trends and what is happening in Springfield.

Oct. 31-Nov. 6

Oct. 31, MondayReports of stealing from a vehicle reached their highest point on Halloween in the three weeks since we began recording this information. Auto thefts also spiked on this day compared to last week.

Nov. 1, Tuesday — Stealing reports reach a 9-day low.

Nov. 2, Wednesday — Abandoned vehicle calls are back up. This is the only day this week that there will be no stolen vehicle reports. Non-injury motor vehicle accidents doubled since yesterday. Stealing reports increased eightfold.

Nov. 3, Thursday — Domestic assaults and domestic disturbances have peaked. A false police report about a shooting at Hillcrest High School was filed today.

Nov. 4, Friday — This is the only day since we began recording reports on Oct. 10 that there were no abandoned vehicle reports. People leaving the scenes of motor vehicle accidents and stealing reports peaked.

Nov. 5, Saturday — Stealing reports dropped off drastically.

Nov. 6, Sunday — As usual, total reports dropped on Sunday. However, assault and drug activity reports reached their peak for the week.

Types of reportsMon., Oct. 31Tue., Nov. 1Wed., Nov. 2Thu., Nov. 3Fri., Nov. 4Sat., Nov. 5Sun., Nov. 6Weekly Totals
Abuse of 91100000000
Abandoned vehicle4311908742
Accident, industrial non-motor vehicle00000000
Animal call00000000
Assault, domestic555600526
Assault, life threat11010003
Assist agency00210104
Assist person00000000
Auto theft, stolen vehicle630513119
Burglary, commercial20110015
Burglary, residential221212212
Check building00000000
Check vehicle20000024
Check person01300004
Check well-being353137527
Child abuse, endangering10110104
Child molestation00000000
Child pornography00000000
Deceased person321113112
Disturbance, domestic321532319
Disturbance, general120320311
Driving while intoxicated00200114
Driving while intoxicated, assault00000000
Drugs, all activities343532525
Elder abuse00000000
Fail to return borrowed vehicle00100102
Fail to return leased property00000000
False alarm1010961017870
Found property411312315
Forgery, prescription00000000
Fraudulently obtain controlled substance00000000
Fraudulent use of a credit device02030005
Identity theft00101002
Incomplete report entry01000001
Indecent exposure00010012
Juvenile situation, noncriminal00001012
Liquor law violation00010001
Littering, illegal dumping00000000
Lost property21111006
Mental health response00000101
Miscellaneous, all other336222321
Missing person, adult00001001
Missing person, juvenile20210218
Motor vehicle accident13816766359
Motor vehicle accident, injury122044013
Motor vehicle accident, fatality00100001
Motor vehicle accident, leaving the scene314473224
Motor vehicle accident, walk-in161530016
Noise disturbance00000000
Order of protection violation222063217
Rape/sodomy, statutory00100001
Receiving stolen property00000000
Recovered vehicle01002003
Repossessed vehicle621423119
Robbery, commercial10110003
Robbery, individual00101013
Sex offense, all except rape30000014
Shots heard00000000
Stalled vehicle00000000
Stealing by deceit02000002
Stealing from a vehicle1054732031
Traffic, pursuit00001001
Warrant arrest683774035
Warrant, search00100001
Weapons violation21100004
Courtesy of the Springfield Police Department